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Seizing the Competitive Advantage through Technology

By Raj Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Voyanta, London

Seizing the Competitive Advantage through Technology

By Raj Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Voyanta, London

Technology is playing a significant role in ensuring that leading real estate businesses have information at their fingertips to enable the best investment and asset management decisions. Businesses are increasingly updating their data management and analytics systems in order to give their investment teams the reliable, timely and intuitive reporting they need to stay ahead of the competition.

“The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.” – Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP

The benefits of cloud technology for real estate are invaluable. With cloud-based software, now you can have power at your fingertips. Data is accessible any place, any time, even on your mobile device. For instance, a fund manager can pull up information on the train commuting to work or in a meeting when a client requests a specific report. The cloud allows senior management and clients the efficiency of self-service, as they no longer have to wait for someone to deliver reports they require. As real estate is a truly global industry, collaboration across all offices worldwide is paramount, and with the cloud, your colleagues across the world have instantaneous access to any information they need.
      In order for you to see the big picture, you need technology that can efficiently and accurately integrate data from multiple sources. Success in real estate significantly depends on a holistic view of opportunity and risk across an entire portfolio. Previously, real estate companies had to make do with manually collating data or try to build their own data warehouse; however, now there is readily available software tailored to the real estate industry’s needs. Being able to analyse multi-sector, multi-region portfolios and provide real-time, forward-thinking insights can help get you ahead of the competition. For senior management this is a very important feature, as being able to benchmark the entire portfolio allows them to gain a thorough understanding of their business. This capability substantially increases transparency and allows you to see the complete picture.
      In addition, the latest in real estate technology provides flexible analysis for your company. You can now find data management software fully integrated with software such as Excel. This allows you to access accurate information directly in the comfortable, agile environment of Excel, and provide analysis specific to your business needs. With this type of software integration, investors and lenders can build ad hoc reports, based on how their business and their clients would like to see the data, differentiating their business from the competition.
      In an industry such as real estate, producing client reporting that impresses is key and business intelligence software can help deliver this. Visually engaging graphics enable you to prepare the highest quality presentations, beforehand or ‘on the fly’. Drill-downs let you start by analysing your lease expiry schedule then specifically examine the detail of the lease documents. Information consolidated at multiple levels allows you to see your portfolio from the perspective you need. And slice-and-dice functionality lets key-decision makers and clients find pertinent information when they most need it.

Economist Intelligence Unit research found that two-thirds of executives believe leading-edge data and analytics capabilities will be among their most important competitive advantages.

Voyanta, an innovative, cloud-based real estate data management and analytics platform, is designed to harness these technological solutions and help businesses increase their efficiency and client satisfaction. Voyanta’s user-friendly interface allows companies to access powerful, real estate dedicated Qlikview reports, use a flexible Excel Add-in, and discover new insights to support decision making. The increasing need for in-depth information is driving companies to implement new software, like Voyanta, to gain the competitive advantage data can deliver. rs

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